Top 5 Best Free Website Building Tools

Many people think that creating a website is intimidating. But this is just not the case today. The amount of free website building tools that are available today has made this process much easier and enjoyable. You don’t have to worry about understanding codes and words like CSS or HTML when you build a website today. The major challenge you face is finding a free website building tool that best meets your needs.

1. Wix
Wix is one of the easiest website-building tools you can use. It comes with so many features, and it will give you total freedom to unleash your creativity over the design of your website. While you’ll still have the Wix domain, it can still be customized to reflect your brand identity. Wix also comes with tons of template designs and choices. Changing images, backgrounds, and text will only take a few clicks, and if you don’t have photos, you can use their free library.

2. Weebly
If you have a small business, Weebly may be perfect for you. This website building tool has a drag and drop feature similar to Wix. Weebly even asks you what type of website you want to create and then provides tailored themes for you. Compared to Wix, Weebly has limited templates to choose from, and the editing tools look more outdated. Weebly offers a semi-professional domain for free, brilliant SEO tools, and the opportunity to scale your website, and it stands out in this area. Users from the US can even sell their site, although there is a need to pay a 3 percent transaction fee.

3. Webnode
Webnode offers themes that are not only stylish but also very responsive. However, you have to choose the right theme from the start since you won’t have a chance to change it again. One reason why Webnode is an awesome website building tool is that there is no page limit, and its SEO settings can be changed for every page. For its free plan, users have to stick to the 100 MB storage, which is not so generous. Overall, it’s a straightforward building tool you can use.

4. WordPress
If you want to blog, look no further. WordPress is built for blogging, and it has extensive features like comments, archiving, display categories, and analytics that are automatically built-in. You can also enjoy 3 GB of storage, which is more than that of other free website building tools. However, you may struggle with WordPress if you’re not using it to build a blog. It is also not the most user-friendly building tool, so it’s not recommended for beginners. If you plan on using it with zero experience in building a website, prepare to encounter a steep learning curve.

5. SimpleSite

This website remains true to its name – it’s an easy and simple website you can use to build your own online space. It has great features that are built on its platform, including a mobile editor that is very useful if you’re always on the go. Because of its simplicity, this building tool is only recommended for hobby websites. Nevertheless, you will surely enjoy it if you don’t want to experience fuss in the onboarding process since it guides you step by step on what to do.

What Free Website Builder Tool Are You Planning to Use?

Whatever free website-building tools you use, just remember that you will encounter limited functions and features. This is why it is important to consider your needs and choose whichever tool can best serve your website. We recommend doing research online before choosing web building software that suits your needs.