How to Clean the Toilet in 3 Minutes

1 minute read

Nobody wants to face the dirty toilet bowl, and when you finally have build up the courage to clean it, you want it to be done as soon as possible. Luckily, for anyone who stuggles with cleaning a dirty toilet, we have found a simple trick that takes just a few minutes but will leave your toilet smelling fresh and clean.

This is what you need: 160g baking soda, 60ml lemon juice, 1/2 tbsp vinegar, 1tbsp hydrogen peroxide (3%, from the pharmacy), and 15-20 drops of fragrant oil.

How to: Make a mixture between the lemon juice and baking soda in a small bowl. Mix the vinegar and hydrogen in separate bowl. Combine the both bowls together and then add the fragrant oil. Add the essential oils in the end. Now, make half-ball shapes from the mixture and leave them to dry on baking paper, 3-4 hours will be enough, but if you like you can leave them overnight.

In the morning they’ll be completely dry so you can store them in a glass jar and place them near the toilet bowl. When you feel that the toilet needs some freshening up just throw one in the toilet bowl and flush. Enjoy the freshness of your toilet!