This is How You Can Easily Clean a Wooden Floor

The better you treat a wooden floor, the longer it stays beautiful. Maintaining this floor is not difficult, but with the right tools, you can give your precious wooden floor an even nicer look. Using a vacuum cleaner, wiper or mop is a piece of cake, but with a little more work and this simple household remedy, your floor will shine like never before. Older wooden floors deserve the extra attention to keep them beautiful for longer.

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For starters, it is important to vacuum a wooden floor regularly. This prevents dirt such as food residues and sand from scratching the floor. In addition, you also prevent certain food residues from leaving permanent stains on the floor. The right attachment on the vacuum cleaner is important when vacuuming. Therefore, always choose an attachment with long hairs that has been specially developed for bare and hard floors. Lastly, to keep your floor in perfect condition, try to wear shoes in the house as little as possible. This will prevent dents and scratches from hard soles and stiletto heels.


Mopping is indispensable for the proper maintenance of a wooden floor. It is also much easier to remove dirt and dust from underneath large furniture such as sofas or cupboards. It is important that you always use a soft or mild cleaning agent such as green soap or a special cleaning agent for this floor. After mopping, wipe the floor again with a soft, dry cloth. This will prevent the floor from attracting dust immediately.

Simple household remedy

And finally, THE cleaning tip with a simple household remedy that will make your floor shine like never before. With this tool, you’ll make your floor shine again and many living room stylists use this trick to give rooms just that little bit more charisma. All you need is one cup of apple cider or apple vinegar and about four litres of warm water. Mix the two together well. Vacuum or wipe the floor clean and then mop the floor with the apple vinegar mix. Allow the surface to dry and finally rub it with a dry, soft cloth. Truly, your old wooden floor will look spick and span again!