Everything To Know About Solar Panels

Purchasing solar panels could be a smart choice, for yourself as well as for your wallet. You can produce your own sustainable energy, using a 100% green energy source and thus contribute to a sustainable world. In addition, your energy bill will be a lot lower and you will have earned back the investment in just 7 years. After that you will benefit from free electricity for about 18 years! By generating your own sustainable electricity you are also less dependent on possible electricity price increases.

How exactly does a solar panel work?

Solar panels have layers of silicon. Sunlight generates electrical voltage between those layers. This is called a photovoltaic reaction. A so-called inverter converts this voltage to alternating current, which is the current suitable for household appliances.

Will solar panels also function in the country where I live?

In some countries, solar panels will generate greater yield than in other countries. Logically, you will get the best yield if you live in a country where the sun often shines. However, this does not mean that solar panels will not work if the sun is not shining. Solar panels do not necessarily require direct sunlight to generate electricity. A solar cell also delivers electricity on a cloudy day. So if you live in an environment where it’s often cloudy, solar panels on your roof will still be beneficial.

Are the actual solar panels also sustainable?

Some CO2 will still be released when using solar energy. This is due to the production of the installations, like the solar panels and the inverters. Fossil fuels are still needed for this and these naturally contribute when comparing with energy from fossil sources. The CO2 released by the construction of coal installations is also being taken into account. However, after 3.5 years, a solar panel system will have recouped the energy required for production. Some studies even show that the payback time can be as short as just one year. In all cases, the production energy of solar panels is consequently no reason not to purchase them. Because the production of 1 kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity from the coal combustion releases at least 900 grams of CO2. This is 400 grams for gas combustion. Whereas with sunlight this is much lower: 50 grams. That is a huge difference!

I am convinced and want to save money by purchasing solar panels. Where should I turn to?

We appreciate that you want to keep your energy bill as low as possible. However, there are many professional solar panel providers on the market. That’s why it is difficult to list the best companies. After all, not everybody wants to pay the same for solar panels and everybody has a different type of house. It’s always wise to do your own research on the right solar panels for your home. This can easily be done online. We advise you to acquire different quotes, to be able to make your own comparison and subsequently make the best choice for your home as well as your finances.