Should I Get a Storage Unit? Here Are Reasons to Start Renting

What do you do when you don’t have enough room at home to put all your stuff away? You could buy a bigger house, or have an extension built. However, these could be expensive and time-consuming solutions that you want to avoid. A better and much cheaper alternative is to rent a storage space. The prices of storage units are lower than ever these days, which makes it extra advantageous for you to rent one.

Sean Locke Photography / Shutterstock

There are always affordable storage spaces to be found in any region of the country. To help you find the best storage space to suit your individual needs and budget, we would like to list all the benefits of renting a storage unit for you.

What is a storage unit?

Having an external storage space offers many advantages. For instance, if you don’t have enough space at home to store your belongings. Or maybe you are in possession of (emotional) valuables that you would rather not store at home. With a storage unit, you can be sure that your belongings are safely under lock and key. A storage unit also offers a solution in the event of a move. Collectors and business owners can also benefit from storage space. You don’t have to worry about the costs, because the prices of storage units are lower than ever these days and there are always affordable storage spaces in your area.

Why should I use a storage unit?

A storage unit can be very useful in the following common situations:

A move or renovation

If you are relocating and your new home isn’t ready yet, you need a temporary storage space to store your furniture. Storage units are often rented during an (upcoming) move. The stuff in the house gets in the way and you can’t just knock on a friend or family member’s door with all your belongings. In that case, renting a temporary storage unit offers a solution. This way the stuff doesn’t get in the way and it’s stored safely. After all, a move is stressful enough as it is.

Seasonal storage

Some things you don’t need at all at certain times of the year, and storing these goods at home only makes a mess. For example, that beautiful garden set that you don’t need in winter. And you don’t have to drive that precious vintage car you’re so frugal with at that time of year. Or how about the Christmas decorations that are gathering dust in the closet all year round? You can put them in the storage unit all year and take them out again in December.

A hobby that got out of hand

Most people with a hobby that got out of hand will probably recognise that at some point, you run into a lack of space. For example, if you collect cars, you don’t just want to sell part of your collection. That’s when additional storage space offers a solution.

You are recently divorced

If you just got divorced and are leaving the house you shared with your ex-spouse, it’s handy to have your furniture and other valuables in your own storage unit. After all, a divorce is often enough of a headache as it is. Finding a place for your furniture doesn’t have to be added to that. This is especially useful if you are moving to a smaller space, such as an apartment. Keeping things in a storage unit is a good way to make sure you have them when you need them and that you don’t have to buy new things.

Business storage

This does not apply to everyone, because external storage units are often used by private individuals, but we increasingly see that businesses are also renting storage space. For example, a business may rent a storage space because they don’t have enough room on their own premises, or want to store important documents securely somewhere. Using an office or storefront for storage is often far too expensive to use as a warehouse. After all, you want to make optimal use of your space in such places, and having a lot of storage there is a shame and can be at the expense of your turnover. The inventory can then be stored externally, saving you a lot of money.

Finding affordable storage space nearby

The best way to find a local storage space that fits your needs and budget is to do your own research. For example, you can search online for storage spaces in your area. We always recommend looking at 3 or 4 different storage providers. This way, you can easily compare prices and reviews. Searching online is often the quickest and best way to discover the pros and cons you should keep in mind when renting a storage unit.