How To Find The Right Car for an Eldery Driver

Your age does not matter. A car must be comfortable for you to drive and be safe. As you get older, there will be extra wishes. A comfortable car with an easy, high entry often beats the entry of a low sports model. The view of the other traffic is also increasingly important as you become older. Do you plan to buy a senior car? We will tell you what is important and what to pay attention to. When you get older, it is increasingly important that a car feels good. But not all cars are optimal for seniors. If you want to choose the best senior car, you should pay attention to the following points:

Kzenon / Shutterstock

High entry

It is perhaps the most heard requirement of a senior car. The entry determines whether you can get in a car easily, but also whether you can get out easily. The lower the entry, the more force you have to use to get up. It is best to take a car with a high entry, with the seating lower than your knees when getting out. Luckily, there is a trend in the car industry which makes it possible to select a car with a high entry for almost all car brands. In the list of examples below, only cars with a high entry are included.

Automatic shifting

Driving a car means doing many things at the same time. This not only applies to paying attention to other traffic, but also to the actions of driving the car itself. A simple way to make driving a car easier, is by buying an automatic. You immediately remove two actions in one swoop– clutching and shifting are no longer necessary, so you can pay attention to the traffic. Do you already have a senior car in mind? Test a shifting and an automatic model, so you can make your own choice as to which car drives best.

Extra tips for choosing the right senior car

  1. Choose a car with a sliding door. This often makes opening a door a lot easier for you.
  2. Use parking sensors. In a new car, it is always difficult to assess where the front and rear of the car are exactly.
  3. Look for electrical accessories. The more you can adjust electrically, the better. Think about adjusting the chair. Ideal if you do not have to assume a very uncomfortable position to do so.