5 Must-Know Tips for Getting the Best Rates on Hotels

Booking a good hotel can be very difficult and that is exactly why we have approached our own hotel experts for practical information and insider tips on how to find the most economical hotel deals. Do you know the ins and outs of finding the most economical hotel deals? View our exclusive insider tips for the best hotel deals for your next trip.

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Go off-season

To start with, you can best avoid the overcrowded and expensive vacations by travelling outside peak season, during the off season. Tourists usually travel during this peak season when it is about the sun, the snow, to have the best weather conditions possible. For beach destinations, the peak season usually runs from June to August, while the winter destinations such as ski resorts are very popular between December and February. In the southern hemisphere, the winter and summer peak seasons are reversed. If you travel outside the peak season, you save money and avoid tourists.

Avoid Friday night

Make sure you do not spend your Friday night in the hotel. Often, this is one of the most expensive nights of the week. Because everybody is trying to get the most out of their 2-day weekend, Friday is often the busiest and therefore the most expensive.

Only choose the most essential amenities

Though it is quite nice your hotel has an indoor pool, a spa and a gym, but if you are not going to use these, why would you include them in your search for a hotel. If you select too many filters, it can limit the available options too much, so it is better to select those amenities you really need.

The number of stars does not always mean something

Most people do not know that hotel rooms must have certain amenities to be classified with a number of stars. Hotels with one star must have the basic requirements such as daily cleaning of the room and a toilet, while luxurious five-star hotels must offer various additional facilities, such as restaurants and bars with dishes from a plethora of kitchens.

Pay attention to the photos

A photo tells you more than a thousand words. Photos of a hotel can give more insight, not just about how you room actually looks, but also when the hotel has been renovated for the last time. If the people on the photos all wear clothing which has gone out of fashion some time ago, such as jeans with wide pipes or tops with flower power prints, you can conclude that the hotel 1) must update its photos, or 2) must update its interior, amenities, etc. It could very well be the hotel has been recently renovated, but simply has not placed new photos yet. That is why it is important to pay attention to details so you will not face unpleasant surprises upon arrival.