How This Innovative Voice Technology Eliminates the Need for Landline Telephones

Do you have a mobile phone and do you pay way too much for your phone bill every month? Or do you still pay for a landline but don’t use it anymore? Then VoIP telephony could be a good solution. Calling via the internet is also known as Voice over IP. Very simple actually: you already have an internet connection, and with VoIP, you use it for your telephony as well. So an IP phone works via the internet. This digital calling method has already largely replaced normal analogue telephone traffic. The difference between VoIP and old-fashioned telephony is in the signal transport. With Voice over IP, the call is converted into data packets (ones and zeros). These packages are cleverly packaged by software, so much less capacity is needed for a call.

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The benefits of VoIP calling

Making phone calls via VoIP has many advantages that have to do with the ease and cost effectiveness of this service. For example, in most cases, it is a lot less expensive than calling via the normal landline. Especially for calling abroad, this is much cheaper. Via certain providers, it is even completely free if you call someone who uses the same provider. Many private individuals in our country already use this innovative voice technology, but VoIP telephony also has many advantages for business customers and large organisations that work a lot with telephones. You can start using VoIP telephony in just 4 easy steps, without having to take out a phone subscription.

VoIP requirements

1. A stable internet connection

One of the most important necessities for VoIP calling is definitely a fast internet connection. VoIP telephony runs entirely via the internet, so if you have a poor connection, VoIP will not work optimally and you will hear a lot of noise in your phone calls. So keep in mind that you may need to increase your bandwidth if your internet connection is slow. The more bandwidth you have, the better your connection will be. A VoIP connection can be established with any type of high-speed internet connection, so long as the connection is reliable and stable.

2. A smartphone, computer, or home phone

A VoIP phone call can be made via an app on your smartphone, a programme on your computer or via your home phone. You can find lots of VoIP options for your smartphone online via (free) apps. If you would rather not use your smartphone or computer, a phone adapter or IP phone is a good option. There are VoIP service providers who offer the adapter free of charge for the duration of the service. They will explain to you exactly how this works.

3. Additional accessories

For VoIP telephony, you don’t really need more than what is described above. However, some devices may require headphones, speakers or microphones for the best experience.

4. The VoIP service

The last step is choosing the VoIP package that suits your needs. By doing online research on different providers – and comparing them – you can quickly find a package that meets your needs. Almost all VoIP providers have a customer service that is available if there is something you can’t figure out. So you can always go somewhere for help.

Our experience with VoIP

Now that VoIP is being increasingly used, we decided to test it ourselves. At first we were a little sceptical. How can you call domestically and abroad and pay so little? Eventually we found out that setting up a VoIP service is actually very simple and fast. All you have to do is connect your device to the internet, choose a good VoIP provider and you can make calls to anyone. It’s like using your regular phone, but much less expensive or sometimes even for free. You can often just keep your current (landline) phone number. We strongly believe that there is no longer any reason to have a landline phone for your home or business. VoIP is a significantly better service and technology. You can save a lot of costs annually by switching to VoIP, and you won’t miss a single phone call.

Where can I find the best VoIP deals?

You can easily find many VoIP providers just by searching the internet. We always recommend doing proper research yourself and comparing different providers to see which one meets your requirements. Of course, business customers have different wishes than private individuals. One thing is clear: you will definitely save a lot of money by switching to VoIP telephony.