Best Methods for Finding Cheap Gas Nearby

Most people have witnessed the panic and mass hysteria that ensues when a possible gas shortage situation becomes apparent. Even when there is no ongoing national competition over who can hoard the most gas, it can be tricky to locate gas in your area for a price that will result in the most significant return on investment. In this article we will attempt to cover the best ways to find cheap gas in your area, and save lots of money by using gas credit cards that earn points.

Finding cheap gas in your vicinity using GasBuddy

GasBuddy is an application that you can easily download and install on your smartphone to assist you in scouting out the cheapest gas prices in your area. When you launch the app, you will be presented with the home screen. The quickest way to locate cheap gas is to press the “Find Gas” button located at the top of the screen. Once you select the option to find gas, you can sort your results by various categories such as price, distance, payment type accepted, or even fuel type. Then, choose the combination most suitable to your needs to locate the lowest prices in your areas. 

Setting up Siri to discover cheap gas in your locale via Gas Guru

Gas Guru is a similar app to GasBuddy but presents in a more polished format. Unlike GasBuddy, with Gas Guru, you do not have to press anything to get to the nearby gas prices. As soon as you open the application on your phone, the gas prices nearest you are shown. You still have the opportunity to select specific filters to narrow down your results on your quest for cheap gas, as well as save your favorite locations to a separate list. To take your search to the next level, technologically speaking, you can set up a Siri shortcut so that Siri finds the cheapest gas near you. When you open the Gas Guru app, scroll to the bottom of the application and select the option labeled “Add to Siri.” You will be asked to add a custom phrase so that Siri knows whenever she hears that phrase to use Gas Guru to search for the closest and least expensive gas. 

Using gas credit cards to earn points

While finding the cheapest gas is always worthy of celebration, you can maximize your savings even more by using a gas credit card to earn points. There are many different credit cards available for use to earn reward points. Shell’s Fuel Rewards Mastercard is an example of one option when selecting a gas credit card. With this specific card, you will save ten cents off per gallon each time you use your gas credit card to pay. Additionally, you receive a 10% rebate on non-fuel purchases at Shell gas stations for your initial $1,200 worth of purchases. The card also offers the added benefit of a 2% rebate on dining and grocery purchases up to the first $10,000 spent. Rebates are automatically redeemed, so no need to remember to visit an app monthly to take full advantage of your benefits.