3 Useful Tips for Cleaning Carpets

When thinking about cleaning, we probably all get an itchy feeling sometimes. Nobody really wants to, it takes a long time and is very exhausting. That is why it is necessary to keep householding as easy as possible. Here are 3 useful tips for cleaning your carpet.

  • You can remove lemonade stains by quickly absorb as much spilled lemonade as possible. Lemonade stains are best removed with a mixture of a bit of (cleaning) vinegar and soap with hot water, and then rinse the stain.
  • To remove urine stains on the floor. This often happens if you have pets – particularly when they are not housebroken yet and must still be trained. The above-mentioned mixture can also be applied to urine stains, so get to work with a bottle of cleaning vinegar, a bar of soap and hot water and you will see that the stain is easy to remove.
  • Remove chewing gum from your carpet. This is one of the bigger annoyances which causes some people to cut up their carpet. Do not do that! Here is the great tip: place an ice cube on the chewing gum stain. It will get hard quickly, and you can easily remove it from your carpet. You can apply the same process to remove candle wax from your floor.

You can of course also clean your carpet with various carpet cleaners; however, you must take care not to use too aggressive cleaners. If you use a too aggressive cleaner, it can damage your carpet seriously and permanently. If, in that case, you carpet has lost colour, you can try to use a light paint, such as acryl paint or felt pen (use the right colour!) to restore colour.

Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock