3 Best Cars for Eldery Drivers in 2020

Particularly for seniors it is good to know you are driving a comfortable car which you can get easily in and out of. We will list all the things you should pay attention to when buying your car so you are certain you will buy the car that fits you best. Did you know the test drive already starts before turning on the engine? Ease of getting in and a comfortable seat are important things to consider when buying a car.

Cars with easy entry are often great for seniors

Your new car should of course look great, but an easy entry is perhaps the most important of all. An easy entry is personal. A hatchback can be sufficient, but have you looked at cars with sliding doors? This will give you all the space you need to get in and out of the car. Some cars have the extra option to request an electrical adjustable seat in height or a swivel chair. Various options which are certainly worth considering and trying out.

Need more space when getting in the car? Besides a wide door, the height of the roof and the height of the door is very important. You prevent having to stoop each time you get in. Getting in and out a number of times can help you decide whether this is the car that fits you best. It is not the first thing on your mind, but the threshold or doorstep has influence on the ease of getting in. The doorstep cannot be too high or too wide, but rather as close as possible to the car floor.

After having checked out all door options, you are finally sitting in the car. A high seat, preferably 68 cm above the road, does not only make getting in easy, but also gives you a good view of the traffic around you.

Top 3 cars with easy entry for seniors

The Renault Captur is a very comfortable car for seniors. The Captur has an easy entry (entry height is 69.4 cm), has a low purchase price and has an adjustable backseat to increase transport capacity.

The Opel Mokka X is a bit more expensive but comes with many more options. The Mokka X also has an easy entry (entry height is 77.3 cm) and is available as automatic.

The Nissan Qashqai has increased in popularity recently. With an entry height of 73.8 cm and a large transport capacity, it is a great car for seniors.